Tiirikoja Holiday House is temporarily closed.


In Tiirikoja Holiday Center we have built the concrete slip which provides an easy access for the trailers to release the boats or yachts into the water and draw them out.

The banks from Lake Peipus from Rannapungerja up to Vasknarva are bordered by beautiful sand dunes beaches and pine forests. You can find numerous costal strips covered by sand, clay and gravel all over the western coastline of Lake Peipus and it extends almost up to Varnja. In some places there are many boulders sowings and in some places rocky banks, like near the village named Nina .

There are some villages and two towns (Mustvee and Kallaste) standing on the bank close to Tiirikoja Holiday Center.

Because of lowlands and shallow banks, it turns to be rather complicated and inconvenient to release the boats and yachts into the water.

We do not have many places where your boat or yacht can be released into Lake Peipus and that is why we have built our own miniport where it is, as much as possible for you, simpler and handier to carry the vehicles and trailers to the water body.