Tiirikoja Holiday House is temporarily closed.

In 2005 we started to develop the business in the village called Vilusi located on the edge of Ida Virumaa county. At this time the land, which had belonged to the previous farm named Oja and which had been cultivated for the purpose of the fields, was not in actual exploitation for years any more. The banks of Lake Peipus had transformed inaccessible within the passing years, so that we initiated the process of cleaning the area up from the brushes, the reeds and the dust.

Our message “Let`s make Lake Peipus visible” has attracted also interest of the other villagers. Today, quite a long stretch of waterfront of Lake Peipus has been cleaned up, the meadows have been mowed again and they have become the enjoyable paths for the people who like to be revealed and walk along them.

The specific spot, the Holiday Center has cleaned up on the beach, has changed especially favourite place for many water birds-the duck family enjoys dabbling in the water of the drain, the grey herons and egrets are discretely circling and taking pleasure in the swallow water. The sandy hills have appealed several bank swallows to lodge on and a nice couple of swans has decided to settle in this secure and welcomed place in order to build up hereabouts their protected nests.

Tiirikoja Holiday Center is currently offering the following services: accommodation (rooms, tenting, caravans), catering, room for seminars, sauna and numerous possibilities for spending free time.

We welcome a passer-by who needs a place for overnight, we offer hospitality for romantic campfire with your sweetheart and to arrange the amenities for the family expecting for peaceful and private pastime recreation. We provide resource for trainings of small groups and implement input in active weekends interested by water sport fans.
The yachts and sailing board are available at the place.

Lake Peipus is a real valuable asset and we are attempting to show you its feasibility that you can also take advantage of it.
Fishermen find themselves like a fish in the water. You can reach the rank of captain being operated for the every small yacht after short time of training passed here.

There is enough swallow water for children where to paddle in or use various water vessels; the ball-and playgrounds are developed for several activities to entertain our customers.

As you know, in the history, every Estonian village community had constructed a village swing which was a kind of very symbolic value for the original culture, therefore our swing built in Tiirikoja has grown for our holiday-makers the popular and fascinating pastime place.